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What kinds of electricity contracts is there?

The most common electricity contracts are either completely fixed-price or follow the stock exchange price, but fixed-term hybrid contracts are also becoming popular.

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For how long are fixed-term electricity contracts valid?

Lock in a cheap electricity contract for a longer period. A fixed-term electricity contract is usually an electricity contract valid for 1-3 years, during which the electricity price remains the same. After the end of the contract period, the contract often automatically changes to an indefinite period, which means that the price of electricity may change. The advantage of a fixed-term contract is the stability of the price, but on the other hand, electricity tendering and changing the contract in the middle of the contract period is not possible without a termination fee.


How to sign a electricity contract?

An electricity contract is made by first selecting a suitable electricity vendor and contract type. The comparison should be done carefully, as the contract terms and prices vary between different sellers. It is usually possible to conclude an electricity contract on the electricity supplier's website or by phone.

In order to conclude a contract, you usually need a personal identification number or the company's Y-identification number and address information.

How to terminate an old electricity contract?

Can you survive without an electricity contract?

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