Electricity Contract When Moving to a New Apartment

Moving is exciting but also stressful. When moving, there are many things to remember and take care of. One of these things is the electricity contract. 

The electricity contract is a key part of the new home. Without a contract, there is no light, heating, or other electrical devices that you can use.

The best electricity contract for a mover

Movers electricity contracts

Fortum Tarkka spot

Monthly fixed price: 4,50€
Contract type: until further notice
0,45snt / kWh + Spot

Why tender electricity contract when moving?

  1. Säästöpotentiaali: Uuden osoitteen ja erilaisten kulutustottumusten myötä on mahdollista löytää edullisempi sopimus ja säästää sähkölaskussa.
  2. Ympäristöystävälliset vaihtoehdot: Monet ovat yhä tietoisempia ympäristövaikutuksistaan. Kilpailuttamalla sähkösopimuksen voit löytää itsellesi sopivan, ympäristöystävällisen sähkösopimuksen.
  3. Uusimmat tarjoukset: Sähköyhtiöt julkaisevat säännöllisesti uusia tarjouksia, jotka voivat olla edullisempia tai tarjota parempia ehtoja kuin nykyinen sopimuksesi.

The mover's checklist

✅ Compete for an electricity contract: Moving is a good time to compete for an electricity contract. Compare the offers of different electricity companies on our page and choose the most suitable one for you - the options are stock exchange electricity, fixed-term electricity contract, valid until further notice existing one, or fixed electricity contract.

✅ Check the transferability of the electricity contract : If you plan to transfer your current electricity contract to a new address, first check if it is possible. Not all electricity contracts are transferable.

✅ Make a new electricity contract : Make sure you sign a new electricity contract or transfer the old contract to the new address before the moving date. This is how you make sure that the electricity is on when you move.

✅ Canceling the old electricity contract: Remember to cancel the electricity contract from the old apartment in time. Check the terms of the contract, as not all contracts can be terminated in the middle of the contract period without additional fees.

Making a new electricity contract

When you move to a new apartment, you must sign a new electricity contract or transfer the old contract to a new address. Otherwise, you will be left without electricity. However, concluding an electricity contract is easy via our website.

However, it is important that you sign an electricity contract well in advance of the move, so that the electricity works immediately on the day of the move.

Termination of the electricity contract in the old apartment

Don't forget this one! Electricity contracts are fixed-term or indefinite, and the terms of the contract determine how and when the contract can be terminated. 

Fixed-term contracts cannot usually be terminated in the middle of the contract period unless otherwise stated in the contract. Contracts that are valid indefinitely can usually be terminated at any time.

Did you know? You can make a moving notification no earlier than one month before moving. At the latest, the notification must be made one week after you have officially moved.

Transferring electricity contract to a new address

If you want to transfer your current electricity contract to a new address, you must notify your electricity company of the change. Often this can be done conveniently on the electricity company's website or by phone. 

However, it is important to check whether the current contract can be transferred to a new address, as not all electricity contracts are transferable.

Comparing electricity contracts

Moving is a good time to look for a new electricity contract. You can compare the offers of different electricity companies online and choose the most suitable one for you. Remember to take into account the price of electricity, the terms of the contract, and the origin of the electricity.

What happens when switching to a fixed-term electricity contract?

When you change residence and you have a valid fixed-term electricity contract, in most cases the contract can be transferred to the new apartment. In this case, you should contact the electricity supplier and inform them of your move and the details of the new apartment. The electricity supplier will give you instructions on how to extend the validity of the contract at the new address. 

However, it is possible that when you move, you want to change the electricity supplier or contract type. In this case, you should study the offers of different electricity suppliers and compare them with each other. You can compete for electricity contracts and choose a new contract that best meets your needs in the new apartment. However, be sure to check whether your current contract has any termination clauses or contractual term binding, so you know when you can switch to another contract without additional costs.

General tips for the mover:

  1. Get to know the area in advance: Where is the nearest grocery store, pharmacy or schools located? Are there parks, jogging paths or other amenities nearby? What public transport connections are there in the area? You avoid surprises and adapt to a new environment faster.
  1. Planning your move: Make a list of everything you need to do before, on, and after your move. Allow enough time for packing and label the boxes! 
  1. Decluttering: Moving is a great opportunity to go through all your belongings and get rid of things you no longer need or want. Sell, Donate or recycle unwanted items. This way you save space in your new home and you can focus on the things that really matter in your life.

Moving to your first own apartment? 

Suddenly you have the responsibility of having a roof over your head, and that includes many new things – including getting an electricity contract. Time to take responsibility and start an independent life. Competing is part of it.

Conclusion of an electricity contract: The first step for a mover is to conclude an electricity contract. You can make an electricity contract easily online, and it is important to do it well in advance of the moving day. When bidding for a contract, remember to compare prices, contract conditions and the origin of the electricity.

Understand the electricity bill: The electricity bill consists of two parts: the electricity sales part and the electricity transmission part. The electricity sales part is the part of the bill that is tendered.

Home electricity consumption: Electricity consumption depends on many factors, such as the number of household appliances and their energy efficiency, the size of the apartment and the heating method.

Changing your electricity contract: It is good to know that you can always change your electricity contract if you find that it is too expensive or otherwise does not suit your needs. However, be sure to check whether the contract has a notice period or a fixed term, which can affect changing the contract.

Moving into your first home is a big step, and it can seem complicated at first. But don't worry, once you get the hang of things and plan well – the move will go smoothly!


Can the electricity contract be transferred when moving?

Yes, you can usually transfer the electricity contract when you move to a new address. Electricity suppliers offer a service called "change of address", which enables the contract to be transferred to a new apartment.

Yes, the electricity contract can often be canceled due to moving. Depending on the electricity company, it may be possible to either transfer the contract to a new address or cancel it completely. If it is a fixed-term contract, there may be costs or other conditions associated with terminating the contract. It is important to check the contract terms and contact the electricity company well in advance of the move.

Not necessarily. When moving, you can usually transfer the current electricity contract to the new address. If you do not want to transfer the contract or if there is already a valid contract in the new apartment, the current contract must be terminated and a new contract tendered. However, always check the terms of transferring or terminating the contract with the electricity company.

In some cases, the contract can be transferred to a new address without additional costs. Sometimes terminating a fixed-term contract before the end of the term can result in a contractual penalty or other costs. Some electricity companies allow the contract to be transferred to another address without penalty, as long as the contract continues for a fixed period at the new address. Contact your electricity company.

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