Electricity Calculator - Estimate Your Electricity Bill Price

Our electricity calculator takes into account the electricity company's margin, spot price, electricity transfer price and the electricity company's monthly basic payment.
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Just enter the estimated annual electricity consumption (kWh) and the electricity calculator will calculate the electricity price for you!

Using the electric calculator is very easy. Just enter your estimated or last year's electricity consumption and the calculator will give you an estimate of your monthly electricity bill according to the current electricity prices. The electricity calculator helps you make informed choices when comparing electricity companies and monitoring the price of electricity.

Electricity calculator - Disclaimer

Please note that the electricity consumption estimates calculated by the electricity calculator are only indicative averages. The actual consumption is influenced by your own consumption habits, the building technology used in your apartment and household appliances. The actual electricity transfer price is locality-specific.

With the electricity calculator, you can find the best electricity contracts

With the electricity calculator, you can easily compare the prices of different electricity contracts and find the most suitable option for you. The electricity meter takes into account your consumption data and shows you the costs of contracts offered by different electricity suppliers.

You can compare different options based on their prices, contract terms and possible benefits. This way you can find the best possible electricity contract for yourself and save money on your electricity bills at the same time.

Electricity price calculator - kWh in euros - kWh price calculator

An electricity calculator will help you calculate your electricity consumption, which you can use to convert the kilowatt hours you use into clear figures in euros. It is your responsibility to pay attention to the price of the different electricity contracts when you compare your electricity contract.

We have listed all of the Finland's most reliable electricity companies to make it as easy as possible for you to find a new electricity contract. If you consume a lot of electricity and you are unsure which contract is the best for you, you can compare more contracts on our home page.


How to calculate the kWh price?

The price of electricity consumption (kWh) is calculated by multiplying the consumption and the price per kilowatt hour.

As an example: Using one 40-watt light bulb for 24 hours consumes (40 / 1000) * 24) = 0.96kWh. When the price of electricity is 15 cents per kWh, the euro value of 0.96kWh is 0.144EUR.

A kilowatt (1000 watts) is a unit of power used to express the power of a device. Kilowatt hour is used to understand how much energy devices use during an hour.

For example, a 1300 watt washing machine consumes 1.3 kWh of energy during one hour.