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What can I tender? 

You can tender
  • Price of electricity (kWh): This is where the biggest savings come.
  • Basic payment: The monthly basic payments for electricity contracts are usually approx. 0-5 EUR.
You cannot tender
  • Electricity transmission: Electricity transmission cannot be tendered. However, its size is connected to your energy consumption, so you can save on the transfer price by reducing your electricity usage.
  • Taxes: Taxes and death, the only sure things, also apply to electricity. "VAT must be paid!" as one of the characters in Putous said a few years ago.
Helsingin Uutiset - Sähkön kilpailutus kannattaa

Excerpt from Helsingin Uutiset article

What is the best site for bidding for electricity?

We are biased to comment on this issue, but the best electricity bidding site:

  • Offers versatile information about electricity contracts and the price of electricity, and not just flashy advertising banners.
  • Recommends only reliable electricity companies and several companies are included in the price comparison.

How to tender the electricity contract and price?

📖 Gather the necessary informationCollect the necessary information: You must collect the information of your current electricity contract, such as the current price, duration of the contract period and notice period, as well as your own monthly or annual electricity consumption.
💡 Compare electricity contractsCompare electricity contracts: Use electricity price comparison sites or tendering services such as Sähkö to get an overview of the offers of different electricity suppliers. Compare prices, length of the contract period, the origin of electricity, and benefits offered.
Choose a new electricity supplierChoose a new electricity supplier: After comparing different contracts, choose a new electricity supplier that offers you the best combination of price, contract terms and customer benefits. If you have any questions, please contact the electricity company's customer service. 
💼 Sign a new contractA new contract will be signed with the future electricity supplier. At this point, you may be asked for information about your current status
📅 Change of contractThe new electricity supplier usually handles the termination of your old contract and the exchange of the contract for you. However, make sure you cancel your current contract in a timely manner if needed. 

Tender for electricity for the cottage

Competition for electricity for a cottage and other leisure apartments can be done in the same way as for households:

1) Examine your electricity consumption and needs
2) Competition for electricity for a cottage
3) Make a new cheap electricity contract. If you only spend time at the cottage for a few weeks in the summer, stock exchange electricity is the best option for you. It is valid for an indefinite period, and you only pay for the use of electricity.

Changing an electricity contract is not always worth it

Changing to a new electricity contract does not always guarantee automatic savings. If your current contract is competitive and offers good terms, you may be better off keeping it. Last year during the energy crisis a few electricity companies went bankrupt , which caused problems for many customers.

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Duration of the new electricity contract

The electricity contract can be valid for an indefinite period (continuing contract) or a fixed-term contract. A Fixed-term contract usually lasts 12 or 24 months. The contract cannot be canceled before the date mentioned in the terms and conditions - neither the customer nor the electricity company.

Even if you find a cheaper electricity contract, you cannot change a fixed-term contract in the middle of the contract period.

If you conclude a continuous electricity contract, a notice period of two (2) weeks applies. The electricity company can change the price of the contract with one (1) month's notice.

Compare Electricity Contracts in Finland when moving

It's always worth comparing the electricity contract before moving, because it may be possible to find a more suitable and cheaper electricity contract for the new apartment. Those who move to a new apartment can get possible discounts or other benefits that electricity companies offer when attracting new customers.

From the consumer's point of view, the termination of the electricity contract occurs automatically every time you change the electricity company, because the new electricity company takes care of this obligation for you.


Is electricity worth tendering?

Comparing electricity contracts is almost always worth it. You can compare the offers of different electricity suppliers and choose the cheapest price. Changing the electricity contract should be done carefully. You can view different terms of the contract, such as the duration of the contract period, the pricing model, and possible benefits.

Bidding for electricity is usually worthwhile, but especially when your current contract is about to expire or when you have noticed that the price of electricity has risen significantly. Please note that usually when you move, you can also change the fixed-term electricity contract.

When comparing electricity contracts, you only need to know the target's address and the estimated annual consumption.

Electricity transmission cannot be tendered for the following reasons:

  •  Nature of infrastructure: Electricity transmission networks, such as power lines and transformers, are expensive and require extensive physical infrastructure to be built and maintained. Often these networks belong to regional network companies, which are responsible for the distribution and transmission of electricity in a certain area. 
  • Natural monopoly position: The nature of electricity transmission networks creates a natural monopoly where one grid company can provide efficient and economically sustainable electricity transmission in a given area. 
  • Regulation: Electricity transmission is a heavily regulated activity, and the operation of network companies is subject to precise regulations and supervision. Regulation helps ensure that electricity transmission networks are reliable, safe and fair for all customers.

No. Comparing electricity contracts is completely free.

Sähkö works in cooperation with domestic electricity companies. Thus, maintenance of the service is covered from the pocket of the electricity companies. There are no costs for the consumer, i.e. you, for tendering electricity. 

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