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Make an assessment of electricity consumption before bidding for electricity

Before tendering the contract, it is important to know your own electricity consumption. You can find this out from your latest electricity bills. The average annual consumption figures vary according to the type and size of the apartment:

🌇 Apartment1 000 – 3 000 kWh
🏡 Terraced apartment3 000 – 10 000 kWh
🏠 Town house10 000 – 30 000 kWh
🏭 Larger properties30 000 – 100 000 kWh

Bidding for electricity online - is it safe?

Bidding for electricity online is generally safe, because you end up via comparison websites directly on the website of the electricity companies with which you conclude the electricity contract yourself. Please note, however, that not all comparison websites actively update their prices, in which case the price information may be incorrect. We, therefore, recommend that you also check the prices on the websites of the electricity companies themselves and study the more detailed conditions there, so that you know for sure what you are committing to.

Bidding for an electricity contract is not always worth it

Competition for an electricity contract does not always guarantee automatic savings. If your current contract is competitive and offers good terms, you may be better off keeping it. Last year, during the energy crisis a few electricity companies went bust, which caused problems for many customers. This is a good example of the fact that you should not always run after the cheapest price, but you should always consider competition at least when the current contract ends or when the price of electricity has risen significantly.

Tender electricity contracts like this:

📖 Gather the necessary informationStart by finding out the basic information of your current electricity contract. Check the contract duration, kWh price, and fixed fee. This information provides a good basis for comparison.
💡 Use the comparison toolUse online comparison tools that help you see the offers of different electricity companies clearly. When using the comparison tool, you usually only need information about your current energy consumption. A good comparison tool calculates the total prices of different options.
Note the other terms of the contractDon't just focus on price. Also take into account the other terms of the contract, such as the reliability of the service and the level of customer service. If you value green energy, make sure of the electricity production method.

It is also worth checking if the electricity company allows you to change the terms of the contract later without extra costs.
💼 Sign a new contractConfirm all the details of the new contract before the final decision! At this point, you may be asked for additional information about your current contract.
📅 Change of contractYour new electricity company usually handles the termination of your old contract for you, which makes switching easy.

Which parts of the electricity contract can I tender?

You can tender
  • Price of electricity (kWh): This is where the biggest savings come.
  • Basic payment: The monthly basic payments for electricity contracts are usually approx. 0-5 EUR.
You cannot tender
  • Electricity transmission: Electricity transmission cannot be tendered. However, its size is connected to your energy consumption, so you can save on the transfer price by reducing your electricity usage.
  • Taxes: Taxes and death, the only sure things, also apply to electricity. "VAT must be paid!" as one of the characters in Putous said a few years ago.

Electricity price trends and development

In which months is the price of electricity the cheapest? Below is a graph of historical prices since 2018:

Tender for electricity for the cottage

Competition for electricity for a cottage and other leisure apartments can be done in the same way as for households:

1) Examine your electricity consumption and needs
2) Competition for electricity for a cottage
3) Make a new cheap electricity contract. If you only spend time at the cottage for a few weeks in the summer, stock exchange electricity is the best option for you. It is valid for an indefinite period, and you only pay for the use of electricity.

Tendering for electricity for the company

Tendering electricity for a company is easy. Competition company electricity using with the comparison tool on this page at the top of the page. Electricity tendering for a company is handled easily. Examine your company's electricity consumption, compare electricity contracts for the company on our website, and make a new electricity contract. Whether you have a bakery, storage space, office space, or perhaps a large industrial company, we are sure that you will find a suitable business electricity contract through us. We also recommend that you contact the electricity companies directly regarding customized for your company. The best electricity contract for the company at the moment is Fortum Varma.

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Comparing electricity contracts when moving when moving

It's always worth comparing the electricity contract before moving, because it may be possible to find a more suitable and cheaper electricity contract for the new apartment. Those who move to a new apartment can get possible discounts or other benefits that electricity companies offer when attracting new customers.

From the consumer's point of view, the termination of the electricity contract occurs automatically every time you change the electricity company, because the new electricity company takes care of this obligation for you.

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Is electricity worth tendering?

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When should electricity be tendered?

Why can't electricity transmission be tendered?

Does tendering for electricity cost?

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