Find The Cheapest Electricity For Your Company

In our quick comparison you will find the most affordable electricity contract for your company. By choosing the best business electricity, you also influence your company's operations, costs and the environment.
Electricity contracts for companies
Tips for company electricity management
Fast and easy business electricity comparison

Business electricity comparison

When choosing a contract, consider the company's size and energy needs. For smaller companies, a fixed price contract may be more suitable, while larger companies may benefit more from exchange electricity contracts. 

Contract type
Fortum Yritys Varma 24-36kk
Contract type
Fortum offers customized business electricity contracts according to the company's needs, so that energy costs remain competitive.

At Fortum, you can also find the "Business Assistant" service to help you connect the contract.
Customer service is friendly and knowledgeable. Fortum also has a versatile energy consulting service that helps companies optimize energy use.

Fortum produces electricity mainly with hydro, nuclear and solar power. Environmental friendliness is one of the company's core values.
Oomi Kiinteä 24kk
Contract type
Oomi is a domestic electricity company that offers clear and flexible business electricity contracts.
Oomi invests in the quality and speed of customer service. They also offer consulting related to energy saving.

Oomi produces electricity with renewable energy sources, such as wind and hydropower. Their goal is to promote a greener future.
Väre Yrityssähkö 24kk
Contract type
Väre invests in innovative solutions and strives to meet the various electricity needs of companies.

If your company or housing association consumes less than 250,000 kWh per year, you can easily make an electricity contract online.
Customer service by phone, e-mail and online. Väre has received praise for its friendly and professional customer service.

Pricing is open and transparent.

What distinguishes business electricity from consumer electricity?

Business electricity differs from household electricity in many ways.

  • The most visible difference is usually the electricity price. Business contracts often look more affordable compared to consumer electricity contracts, as VAT has been deducted from the price of business contracts.
  • Business electricity contracts are generally longer than consumer electricity contracts.
  • The company's electricity is more flexible than consumer electricity contracts. Businesses can negotiate contract terms and pricing with the utility to better suit their specific needs.
  • Various additional services are available in business electricity contracts, such as energy management and reporting, which help companies optimize their energy consumption and costs.

The company should carefully compare the offers of different electricity companies and consider their suitability for their own special needs and goals.

The cheapest electricity contract for business

The cheapest electricity contract for a company at the moment is Fortum Yritys Varma.

Fixed-price electricity contract should be chosen if your company's electricity consumption is small and electricity consumption occurs in the middle of the day and in the evenings. Spot price electricity contract is again suitable for companies where production machinery or other equipment that consumes a lot of electricity can be used at night.


Fortum Yritys Varma

Fortum tailors prices for companies and offers a wide variety of contract options throughout Finland. A cheap electricity contract can save your company up to thousands of euros.

Energy professionally: This is how you change your business electricity with our service

  1. Compare offers: Use our service, tips and available information when comparing offers from different electricity companies.
  2. Contact the electricity company of your choice: Once you have decided on the contract, contact the electricity company and state that you want to enter into a business electricity contract with them. They will guide you in matters related to concluding the contract.
  3. Cancellation of the current contract: Remember to cancel the current electricity contract if necessary. Check the terms of the contract for the notice period and any fees related to notice.

Tips for companies

Housing companies: Smart electricity management

  1. Map the energy consumption and consider joint procurement.
  2. Research the use of renewable energy.
  3. Find out the possibilities of a smart electricity grid or energy management system.

Car maintenance companies: Special solutions and efficiency

  1. Invest in electric vehicle maintenance and charging services.
  2. Optimizes the energy efficiency of lighting and ventilation.
  3. Choose a flexible electricity contract.

Offices: Energy saving for everyday life

  1. Favor energy-efficient lighting and equipment.
  2. Monitor energy consumption and target saving measures.
  3. Take advantage of energy services aimed at companies.

Construction industry: Sustainable energy at the construction site

  1. Pay attention to energy efficiency in building materials and processes.
  2. Use renewable energy, such as solar panels or wind power.
  3. Choose energy-efficient machines and systems.

Teollisuus: Innovatiivista tehokkuutta

  1. Optimize energy costs with the help of pricing models.
  2. Implement an energy management system.
  3. Commit to the principles of the circular economy.


How to make an electricity contract in the name of the company?

Use our comparison service, enter the company ID number and billing address. Negotiate contract terms and prices.

Business electricity can be cheaper, as VAT has been deducted from the price. Prices vary according to the company's needs. Compare offers.

The cheapest electricity contract for a company at the moment is Fortum Yritys Varma.

The most common contract types are a fixed-term contract, an open-ended contract and a stock exchange electricity contract.

Optimize energy consumption, choose energy-efficient devices, utilize renewable energy and use energy management systems.

The best time to sign an electricity contract depends on the market situation and the company's needs. Follow the market prices and try to conclude a contract when the prices are the cheapest.

Track consumption from electricity bills and take advantage of energy management systems or smart meters. Savings can be achieved with energy-efficient devices, lighting and heating systems, and energy audits.

Compare offers from different electricity companies and choose the most suitable one. Contact the new electricity company and make a contract. The new electricity company usually handles the transfer of the contract for you.

Yes, in some cases utility companies offer discounts or promotions to businesses. It is worth comparing the offers and negotiating the terms of the contract.

Yes, several electricity companies offer the possibility to combine the electricity contracts of several locations into one contract. This can make administration easier and possibly bring cost savings.