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Sähkösopimukset.com was founded in 2022 at the time of the European energy crisis when the price of electricity in Finland rose to figures that affected almost every Finnish household.

We understood that it is now more important than ever to compete for electricity and to save on everyday expenses with the help of affordable electricity contracts. The website is owned by GepardiMedia OY (Y-ID: 3351195-8).


Teemu Pesonen
Teemu Pesonen

Teemu Pesonen is one of the founding members of Sähkösopimukset.com and a platform technology professional with over 10 years of experience. His goal is to build the best comparison website for electricity contracts in Finland - nothing more than that.

Our mission

Missiomme on tarjota kuluttajille edullisimmat sähkösopimukset. Esittelemme ajankohtaista tietoa luotettavista sähköyhtiöistä, sähkösopimuksista ja sähkön hinnasta, sekä parhaat sähkön säästövinkit.


Our vision is to be the most comprehensive and popular electricity contract comparison website and information bank.

Why Sähkösopimukset.com?

With us, you can only find reliable electricity companies and honest reviews about them. We really want to give answers to consumers' questions about electricity and offer the best electricity contracts on the market.

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Contact us at info@sahkosopimusinfo.com, +358 415727494, or via the form below.

Finland's Best Electricity Contracts Comparison Site - Nothing More Than That.

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