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You can save up to hundreds of euros per year by changing your current electricity contract.

Whether it's a fixed-price contract or a spot price contract, you can easily find the cheapest electricity contract - in just a few minutes!

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The Best Electricity Contract

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Hehku Energia Logo

Hehku Energia Kiinteä 24kk

Monthly fixed price: 0€ ensimmäiset 3kk
Contract type: 24 month fixed-term electricity contract
8,29snt / kWh
Hehku Energia Logo

Hehku Energia Kiinteä 12kk

Monthly fixed price: 3,50€
Contract type: 12 month fixed-term electricity contract
8,79snt / kWh
Hehku Energia Logo

Hehku Energia Pörssi

Monthly fixed price: 1,90€
Contract type: until further notice 
0,42snt / kWh + Spot

Fortum Duo 24kk

Monthly fixed price: 3,99€
Contract type: 24 month fixed-term electricity contract
8,79snt / kWh + Kulutusvaikutus

Fortum Vakio

Suitability: Kerrostaloasuntoihin, joissa vuosikulutus on maksimissaan 2000 kWh
25€ / kk

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Find the cheapest electricity contract

With these tips you can find the cheapest electricity price in 2024:

Compare electricity contracts : This is where sähkö will be happy to help you! Whether you live in an apartment, townhouse or detached house, our comparison website allows you to compare the best electricity contract deals on the market free of charge. Electricity bidding is easily done with our bidding machine.
Pay attention to your own electricity consumption: Monitoring electricity consumption is one of the easiest ways to save on electricity bills. Calculating your own electricity consumption is also worthwhile in terms of electricity contracts - perhaps your current electricity contract does not offer you the best value for your money.
Check the terms and conditions: In particular, you should pay attention to the duration of the contract: it is only possible to terminate a fixed-term contract under certain conditions, while it is much easier to terminate a contract valid for an indefinite period.
Choose electricity contract: After clicking on the electricity contract offer you like, you will go directly from our site to the electricity seller's portal to conclude the contract.
Compare Electricity Contracts in Finland

Cheapest electricity per contract type

🔒Cheapest fixed price contract

We recommend: Hehku kiinteä 12kk

View details

- Finding the cheapest fixed-price electricity contract requires comparing the fixed prices and contract terms of different companies.
- A fixed-price contract offers stability and predictability in electricity consumption.

♾️Cheapest indefinite electrcity contract

We recommend: Nordic Green Energy

View details

- Getting the cheapest electricity contract valid for an indefinite period requires flexibility and readiness to take advantage of market changes. 
- This contract is ideal if you want to keep your options open and avoid a long-term commitment.

📉 Cheapest spot price contract

We recommend: Nordic Green Energy

View details

- The cheapest exchange electricity can be found by comparing the margins and basic charges offered by the companies.
- Choose exchange electricity if you are ready to benefit from and risk market price fluctuations.

🔄Cheapest hybrid contract

We recommend: Fortum Duo

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- Finding the cheapest hybrid electricity requires comparing the consumption effect and the fixed price.
- Hybrid electricity is a good choice if you want a balance between price stability and taking advantage of market prices.

⏳ Cheapest 12 months electricity

We recommend: Hehku Energia

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- Finding the cheapest 12-month electricity requires comparing prices and terms over a shorter period of time.
- A 1-year electricity contract is ideal if you are looking for a short-term commitment and price stability.

📅 Cheapest electricity 24kk

We recommend: Hehku Kiinteä 24kk

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- The cheapest electricity for 24 months can be found by comparing longer-term prices.
- The most suitable option if you want to avoid price fluctuations and commit to a longer contract.

Which electricity contracts can you choose?

Cheap electricity can be challenging to find, but in vain! Electricity contracts can be divided in several different ways, depending on what criteria are important to the consumer. The most common divisions are:

📄 According to the contract forms

Fixed term, indefinite and hybrid contracts

💶 According to price protection

💡 Depending on the purpose of use

Based on service & ecology

Renewable energy and other extra services.

Contract types

Contract types such as fixed-term, open-ended, and hybrid contracts refer to the terms and duration of the contract. Here is a simplified comparison of electricity contracts:

Electricity contract typePricingPrice stabilityCan you utilise market prices?
Fixed price contractFixed👍
Spot price contractSpot price👎
Fixed-Term ContractOften fixed👍
Indefinite Electricity ContractFixed/spot👎
Renewable energy contractFixed or dynamicDepends on pricing modelDepends on pricing model

The best and cheapest electricity contracts for different users

The cheapest electricity contracts vary according to the user's needs:

🏢 The cheapest electricity contract for an apartment building 

Our choice: Fortum Duo

View details

The cheapest electricity contract for an apartment building is often flexible. A variable-price or indefinite contract can be attractive.

🏘️ The cheapest electricity contract for a terraced house 

Our choice: NGE Ilmasto spot price

View details

🏘️ A flexible, open-ended contract is usually recommended for a terraced house, which offers flexibility and the opportunity to compete for prices regularly. electricity contract for a terraced house

🏠 Halvin sähkösopimus omakotitaloon 

Our choice: Fortum Tarkka

View details

The best contract for a detached house offers stability and cost efficiency. A fixed price contract can also be a good choice.

🚗 The cheapest contract for an electric car owner

Our choice: Fortum Älylataus

View details

Several factors influence the choice of an electricity contract suitable for electric car owners, such as the price of electricity, the flexibility of the contract and the use of renewable energy.

👩🏼‍🎓 The cheapest electricity contract for a student 

Our choice: Fortum student electricity

View details

Students want to find the best offers and flexibility on competitive terms.

🧑🏼‍💼 The cheapest electricity contract for a company

Our choice : Fortum business electricity

View details

In the best business electricity contract, reliable electricity supply and cost efficiency, which Fortum offers to companies, are important.

🌳 The cheapest electricity contract for a cottage 

Our choice: NGE Ilmasto spot price

View details

For the cabin, you should consider a contract that is especially suitable for the summer season, such as pricing that varies depending on the season or a contract that is valid until further notice. This way you can optimize the costs according to the use of the cottage.

When can the electricity contract be changed to a cheaper one?

Termination of the old electricity contract - how?

Termination of the electricity contract usually takes place as follows:

  1. Contact your current electricity company, either by phone, email or online service.
  2. State your wish to terminate the contract and provide the necessary information, such as customer number and termination date.
  3. Follow the instructions provided by the utility company to complete the termination process.
  4. Make sure you get confirmation of the termination.

Where can I get a cheap electricity contract in 2024?

A cheap electricity contract in 2024 can be found by taking into account current market conditions and future prospects. According to price forecasts, the price of electricity may be at its highest in the first quarter of the year, but it is expected to decrease in the spring and summer.

An electricity contract tied to stock exchange electricity can be a good option if you are ready to monitor the development of the price of electricity and schedule electricity use during the cheapest times. Such contracts can offer cost savings, but as mentioned, require active monitoring. The best way to find cheap electricity contracts is to compare online.

What does your electricity bill consist of?

  1. The price of electricity is based on the amount of electricity you use in kilowatt hours.
  2. Electricity transmission is determined based on your electricity grid company and includes the costs of electricity transmission as well as network maintenance and development.
  3. Taxes In electricity taxation category I (which applies to households), the tax level in 2023 is 2.253 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh). In addition, value added tax of 24 percent is paid.

📝 Checklist for settling the best electricity contract

Electricity consumption Estimate your average electricity consumption.
Contract types Compare different contract types, such as fixed-price, open-ended and fixed-term contracts.
Price Compare prices and conditions between different providers. By comparing, you make sure that the offer you find is the cheapest electricity contract at that moment.
Additional services Consider possible additional services, such as the use of renewable energy.
Reviews and recommendations View other customers' reviews and experiences with different companies.
Terms Read the terms of the contract carefully, including the terms of termination and possible penalties.


How to find cheapest electricity in Finland?

Löydät Suomen halvimman sähkön vertailun kautta. In our comparison, we divide the offer of different electricity companies from the cheapest to the most expensive, to help you easily find the cheapest electricity contract at the moment.

The operating logic of our comparison site is simple: we divide the contract offers of different electricity companies from the cheapest to the most expensive, which makes it easy and effortless for you to choose the most affordable electricity contract that best suits your life situation.

What is an electricity contract?

What happens to the electricity contract when moving to a new place?

When can the electricity contract be changed to a cheaper one?

What time of the day is electricity the cheapest?

How is the price of the electricity contract determined?

What is the cheapest electricity subscription?

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