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Is your current electricity contract about to expire and are you looking for a new, cheaper option? Or are you in the middle of moving to a new apartment and want to renew your electricity contract without any extra hassle?

Whatever your situation is, you can easily find the cheapest electricity contract from our website - in just a few minutes!
Updated: 03.12.2023

The cheapest electricity contract

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Hehku Energia Logo

Hehku Energia Kiinteä 24kk

Monthly fixed price: 3,50€
Contract type: 24 month fixed-term electricity contract
8,89snt / kWh

Oomi Fixed 24 months

Monthly fixed price: 4,90€
Contract type: 24 month fixed-term electricity contract
8,79snt / kWh
Hehku Energia Logo

Hehku Energia Kiinteä 12kk

Monthly fixed price: 3,98€
Contract type: 12 month fixed-term electricity contract
9,69snt / kWh

Fortum Duo 24kk

Monthly fixed price: 3,99€
Contract type: 24 month fixed-term electricity contract
8,93snt / kWh + Kulutusvaikutus
Nordic Green Energy

NGE Ilmasto spot price contract

Monthly fixed price: 3,99€
Contract type: until further notice 
0,45snt / kWh + Spot

Fortum Vakio S

Suitability: Apartments with max 2000-3000 kWh yearly consumption.
29€ / kk
Nordic Green Energy

NGE Opiskelija pörssisähkö

Monthly fixed price: 1€
Contract type: until further notice 
0,45snt / kWh + Spot

Fortum Yritys Varma

Monthly fixed price: 5,00€
Contract type: 24 month fixed-term electricity contract
Campaign offer: 6 months without basic fees
10,49snt / kWh + Kulutusvaikutus

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The cheapest electricity price - how to find it?

Electricity comparison is worthwhile if you are looking for the cheapest electricity in Finland. With these tips you can find the cheapest electricity price in 2023:

Compare electricity contracts: This is where sähkö will be happy to help you! Whether you live in an apartment building, terraced house or detached house, our comparison website allows you to compare the best electricity contract deals on the market free of charge.
Pay attention to your own electricity consumption: Monitoring electricity consumption is one of the easiest ways to save on electricity bills. Calculating your own electricity consumption is also worthwhile in terms of electricity contracts - perhaps your current electricity contract does not offer you the best value for your money.
Check the terms and conditions: Erityisesti sinun kannattaa kiinnittää huomiota sopimuksen kestoon: määräaikainen sähkösopimus on mahdollista irtisanoa vain tietyin edellytyksin, kun taas toistaiseksi voimassa olevan sopimuksen irtisanominen on huomattavasti helpompaa.
Choose the cheapest electricity contract: After clicking on the electricity contract offer you like, you will go directly from our site to the electricity seller's portal to conclude the contract.
Compare Electricity Contracts in Finland

Top 4 cheapest electricity contracts by different contract types

💡 Cheapest 24 month contractOomi 24kk sähkösopimus
🔌 Cheapest 12 month contractHehku Energia 12kk sähkösopimus
♻️ Cheapest spot price contractNordic Green Energy spot price contract
The cheapest hybrid dealFortum hybridisähkö

Cheapest spot price contract

Vertailumme halvinta pörssisähköä tarjoaa Nordic Green Energy. Pörssisähkö sopii niille jotka haluavat omilla kulutustottumuksilla vaikuttaa sähkölaskun lopulliseen hintaan. Nordic Green Energy pörssisähkön hinta määräytyy Nord Pool sähköpörssissä, joka tarkoittaa että hinta on aina kilpailutettu ja ajan tasalla.

The cheapest electricity contract

At the moment, the cheapest electricity contract in our comparison is the Hehku Energia. By choosing the cheapest electricity contract, you can easily save up to hundreds of euros per year.

The cheapest electricity for 24 months - what is the best two-year deal?

The cheapest 24-month electricity can be found at Hehku Energia. A 24-month electricity contract is the most suitable for you if you can't bear to monitor the price of electricity on the exchange, or adjust your consumption according to the day of the week or the time of day. By choosing the cheapest electricity for 24 months, you lock in the same monthly price for two years, and then you don't have to stress about electricity price fluctuations. The cheapest electricity for 24 months can change often, so please keep an eye on our website and compare electricity contracts if necessary.

The cheapest electricity for 12 months - lock in the best price for a year!

1 vuoden sähkösopimus on paras valita jos ei ole aikaa tai haluja tarkkailla pörssisähkön hintaa tai stressaa hinnan muutoksista. Lukitset saman kuukausihinnan vuodeksi sähkönkäytöstä per kwh, eikä vuorokauden ajalla ole merkitystä sinun sähkösi hintaan.

The cheapest electricity contract for a detached house

The cheapest electricity contract for a detached house is Fortum Tarkka.

Spot-price electricity for a detached house gives you the opportunity to optimize your electricity consumption following the exchange price, and you are not committed for a longer period of time. The cheapest electricity for a detached house changes at regular intervals, so please compare the best offers on our website. For those looking for affordable electricity for a detached house, we also recommend looking into solar panels and air source heat pumps.

The cheapest electricity contract for a student

At the moment, the cheapest electricity contract for a student is Fortum Tarkka. Nordic Green Energy also has an excellent offer below, 6 months of electricity without monthly payments. Students should choose an electricity contract that includes a student discount. This way you ensure that you have the cheapest electricity contract in your student account and you can use your study grant, loan, or salary for other necessary things.


How to find the best electricity contract in Finland?

You can find the cheapest electricity contract in Finland through comparison. In our comparison, we divide the offer of different electricity companies from the cheapest to the most expensive, to help you easily find the cheapest electricity contract at the moment.

The operating logic of our comparison site is simple: we divide the contract offers of different electricity companies from the cheapest to the most expensive, which makes it easy and effortless for you to choose the most affordable electricity contract that best suits your life situation.

What is an electricity contract?

Which electricity contract is the cheapest?

What happens to the electricity contract when moving to a new place?

When can the electricity contract be changed to a cheaper one?

What is the cheapest electricity company in Finland at the moment?

How can I get a cheap electricity transmission price?

What time of the day is electricity the cheapest?

How is the price of the electricity contract determined?

Contract types

The size of the apartment or the purpose of using the electricity significantly affect the choice of the right type of contract. The cheapest electricity company offers many types of contract models, and the consumer always has the freedom to choose what suits their needs best.

Fixed-Term Contract has traditionally been the choice for the majority of Finns. In a fixed-term contract, you can lock in a fixed electricity price for the entire contract period, and you don't have to worry about competing for the electricity contract during the entire contract period.

Indefinite Electricity Contract is the most suitable for you if you are looking for the absolute cheapest possible electricity. However, the requirement in this case is to actively monitor the electricity market and change your consumption habits according to when the price of electricity is at its lowest.

Hybrid electricity contract offers consumers protection from electricity price fluctuations, but also the opportunity to benefit from a cheaper electricity price by changing consumption habits. An example of this is Nordic Green Energy's Smartti electricity contract.

Examples of electricity contracts: apartment building, terraced house, detached house & summer cottage.

The cheapest electricity contract is especially important in a single-family house with electric heating - but it's stupid to pay too much in other forms of living as well.

Electricity contract for apartment building unit or duplex

In small apartments, such as one-room and two-room apartments, the price of the electricity bill is on average 40 – 50 euros per month. Annual savings or losses can amount to tens, or sometimes even hundreds of euros - if the electricity contract is not the cheapest.

Most of the electricity consumption comes from household appliances, such as the fridge-freezer. Washing clothes also consumes electricity. If laundry is free in the housing association, it should be preferred in the current energy crisis.

Electricity contract for a terraced house

In a townhouse apartment, you must remember to consider the type of heating. In many housing associations, electricity is used as a form of heating, which accounts for most of the consumption.

If the terraced apartment (double room) has district or geothermal heating, the annual consumption is around 3000 kWh. Electric heating increases consumption significantly. However, a cheap electricity contract is such that the price of the electricity bill does not rise too high during the winter.

You should also consider sauna. The electric stove alone can add 600 to 1000 kWh of consumption each year.

Electricity contract for a detached house

Especially in a single-family house, you should always make sure that you have the cheapest electricity contract at the time. In an electrically heated detached house, the annual consumption can easily rise to 20,000 – 30,000 kWh.

If compared to a detached house with district heating, the electricity consumption can be only 8000 kWh. If you think about the most expensive form of heating, it's proven to be oil heating.

An affordable electricity contract for a detached house is often a fixed term contract. It also matters whether the home has an air heat pump - it significantly lowers heating costs. Solar panels can also reduce the electricity bill, and their popularity has exploded in recent years, and as its popularity grows, due to EU regulations, which will be valid in 2026. due to EU regulations, which will be valid in 2026.

Electricity contract for a cottage or cabin

What kind of electricity contract for a cottage is worth taking? It depends on how much time you spend at the cabin. For example, if you are there for a couple of months of the year in the summer, we recommend stock exchange electricity, i.e. an electricity contract valid for an indefinite period. In addition to the basic monthly fee of a few euros, you only pay for use and electricity transmission. With a fixed-term electricity contract, you have a fixed monthly price, which does not make sense if you are not at the cottage for most of the year.

If you spend more time at the cottage, and you have an older, less energy-efficient cottage, your electricity bill can be hefty. We therefore recommend that you find out how to install solar panels. You can get more information about them from, for example, Oomi, Väree or Fortum.

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