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Looking for the cheapest electricity and best electricity contract in Turku? We’ll help you further. Regardless of whether you are a student in Varissuo, an entrepreneur in central Turku or live with your large family in a villa in Hirvensalo, you can be sure that you will find current and best electricity contracts from reliable companies with us. 
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📑 Compare electricity contractsOn our website, you can find the current cheapest electricity price, whether you live in an apartment building, a terraced house or a single-family house. Comparing electricity contracts on our site is completely free.
Pay attention to your own electricity consumptionYour consumption habits and the way you live are the biggest factors in your electricity consumption. In order to find the best electricity contract, it is good to accurately calculate your own electricity consumption.
🔍 Check the terms and conditionsCheck the terms of the current and new electricity contract. If you currently have a fixed-term contract, it can only be terminated under certain conditions. It is possible that your current electricity contract is already the cheapest on the market.
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Turku Energia electricity contract

Turku Energia has delivered electricity contracts on the banks of the Aura River for more than a hundred years, since 1898. Turku Energia's energy service covers the sale and distribution of electrical energy, as well as district heating, cooling and steam, as well as network contracting and maintenance services for electrical networks.

Turku electricity contract

Turku is one of Finland's largest cities, and thanks to that, the services are also in a class of their own. Excluding smaller local operators, all the most reliable and well-known electricity companies operate in Turku.

At the moment, you can get the best electricity contract from Fortum.

How much does electricity transmission cost in Turku?

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