Electricity Offer in Finland From 0.45 Cents / kWh + Spot

Save on your electricity costs by choosing the cheapest electricity offer.

We compare the prices of Finland's most reliable electricity companies and choose the best offers on the market.
Löydä suomen edullisin sähkösopimus

The best electricity offers in Finland

Väre electricity offer

Väre Välkky 12kk sähkösopimuksen saat nyt hintaan 8,85snt / kWh + Kulutusvaikutus.


Väre Välkky 12kk

Sopimustyyppi: 12kk määräaikainen sähkösopimus

Free Kotipizza for all subscribers! (value 12.90 EUR)
8,85snt / kWh + Kulutusvaikutus

Fortum electricity offer

You can now get the Fortum spot price electricity contract for 0.45snt / kWh + Spot.


Fortum spot price contract

Contract type: indefinite contract

Oomi electricity offer

Oomi 24kk sähkösopimuksen saat nyt hintaan 8,79snt / kWh.


Oomi Kiinteä

Contract type: 24 month fixed-term electricity contract

The best electricity offer

The best electricity offer at the moment is Fortum Tarkka. You can get significant savings every year by grabbing the best electricity offer.

Electricity offer 24 months

The best 24-month electricity offer in our comparison is currently Oomi Kiintä. By choosing a 24-month offer, you can lock in the same monthly price, so you don't have to worry about electricity price fluctuations.

The cheapest electricity offer was found at sähkösopimukset.com - the electricity bill of the family of Juha from Vantaa dropped by 120 euros per month.

Juha, 53, who lives in a detached house in Vantaa with his family, reduced his electricity bill by 120 euros per month by tendering an electricity offer on the website Sähkösopimukset.com

The increase in the price of electricity due to the energy crisis made Juha review his electricity contract at the time. He ended up comparing electricity offers at sähkösopimukset.com, which helped electricity bill drop 120 euros a month right away. In a year, it makes 1440 euros.

Juha, 53

“With my previous electricity contract, I would have spent 360 euros in November. When I compared and changed the electricity contract, the costs were reduced to 240 euros, which comes in handy, says Juha.

"I used to have a spot price electricity contract, but I later switched to Fortum's Guarantee, which at least at the time was the cheapest electricity offer when I compared them. It seems that the price of electricity is going up, and even if I could get a better deal with exchange electricity, I don't have time or the energy to start monitoring the price of exchange electricity or change my consumption. Everyday life keeps me busy, I don't miss unnecessary worries. I was surprised at how much difference there is in the prices of different electricity companies, so you can safely say that the tendering for electricity was worth it. I wanted a contract with a reliable electricity company."

Juha, who works as a logistics production manager, says that the money saved goes to the increased interest expenses of the mortgage and to the children's hobbies. During the winter months, Juha's family uses about 850 kwh of electricity per month.

"Even though we found a cheaper electricity offer, we still thought carefully about how to save electricity.”

Why is it worth comparing electricity offers via sähkösopimukset.com?

Comparing electricity offers and prices can be time-consuming and complicated, but it shouldn't be. That's why we founded Sähkösopimukset.com.

– Electricity contract comparison at Sähkösopimukset.com was very easy. The most important information was found in the company, the prices and the main features of the contract, so it was really easy to click ahead and make the best electricity contract in a moment, says Juha.

More information about electricity offers

On our website, you can find all reliable electric companies that can guarantee reliable electricity delivery throughout Finland. List the following electricity contracts with both fixed-price and spot-price, to ensure that you find the right option for you. You can also find electricity contract for a business.

In fixed-price contracts, the electricity price remains the same for the entire 12-24 months during the contract period, so you know exactly how much you pay for electricity.

The market price in the following, i.e. the so-called in a spot price contract, the price of electricity always varies according to the market. The spot electricity contract enables a cheap electricity price if you schedule your electricity consumption for low consumption hours.

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