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Are you considering Hehku Energia as an electricity company? This article will tell you all the essentials.
Updated: 29.12.2023

Hehku Energia, formerly known as GNP Energy, is part of the large Nordic GNP electricity group.

🌱 A long historyOriginally founded in 2010 in Helsinki. In the spring of 2023, Hehku changed to Energia.
📈 Growing customer baseOver 35 000 customer in Finland and 16 employees in Helsinki.
💡 Versatile offerOffers fixed-price, spot proce electricity and hybrid electricity contracts.
🌟 Competitive prices and servicesKnown for competitive prices and emphasizes quality customer service.

Hehku electricity contract

What is the best Hehku electricity contract? It totally depends on your needs. There are plenty of options, and next we will present each electricity contract from Hehku.

Spot Price Electricity

Pörssisähkösopimus, nimeltään ”Pörssi”, tarjoaa dynaamisen hinnoittelumallin, jossa sähkön hinta vaihtelee tunneittain Nord Poolin Suomen markkinahinnan mukaan. 

This type of Agreement is particularly suitable for customers who are ready to take advantage of exchange electricity price fluctuations and get electricity at a cheaper price, when market prices are low. On the other hand, the contract also includes the risk of rapid price increases. The exchange electricity contract is valid for an indefinite period, so customers can change the contract flexibly with a two-week notice period.

Fixed term 6-24 months

In a fixed-term electricity contract, the customer commits to the contract for a certain period of time, for example 6–24 months.

The contract offers a certain amount of flexibility, as it does not bind the customer for a long time. This is especially suitable for those looking for a shorter commitment.

Fixed-price fixed-term contract

Kiinteähintainen määräaikainen sopimus taas tarjoaa vakautta ja ennustettavuutta:

  • Price: The contract price remains the same throughout the contract period. The customer pays a fixed price, for example 8.99 cents/kWh, regardless of market price fluctuations.
  • Predictability: This form of contract makes planning the electricity bill easier, because the customer knows exactly how much he will pay for electricity throughout the contract period.
  • Contract duration: Customers can choose the duration of the contract (6, 12 or 24 months), which gives them the opportunity to lock in the price of electricity for as long as they want.
  • Suitability: A fixed-price contract is especially suitable for those who want to avoid market price fluctuations and value financial stability.

The choice of either contract type depends on the customer's needs and situation. A fixed-term contract offers more flexibility, while a fixed-price fixed-term contract offers stability and predictability.

Hybrid 24 months

Hybrid 24 months is a fixed-term contract that combines a fixed price and the electricity exchange price. This model has a fixed kWh price, to which 20% of the monthly average price of stock exchange electricity is added, as well as a fixed basic fee. 

The hybrid is suitable for customers who want to benefit from low periods of the stock market price but at the same time protect themselves from price spikes. This contract offers a good compromise between price flexibility and stability.


The Jatkuva electricity contract is an open-ended contract that offers stability without a long-term commitment. This contract model is particularly suitable for those customers who want flexibility! The price of electricity is stable, and the contract can be canceled with two weeks' notice, which offers the consumer considerable convenience and flexibility.

Pricing and competitiveness

Hehku Energia has priced its contracts competitively, and its fixed-term contracts are often at the more affordable end of the market. The glow is often found at the top of our comparison.

Interesting history

The history of Hehku Energia has been multi-phase, including several name changes and changes of ownership. In 2023, the company changed its name to Hehku, at the same time expanding its operations in Finland and investing in customer service​​​​

Founded in 2009, Market Energia started its operations in the electricity sector from Norway.

Market Energia changed its name to Finkraft Oy and later to GNP Energy Finland Oy. These changes reflected the company's efforts to reform and improve its operations.

Name change to Hehku Energia

In 2023, GNP Energy Finland Oy reformed into Hehku Energia Oy, symbolizing a new era and a return to its Finnish roots. We think this was a smart change, because the new name is much better and more memorable.

With the launch of Hehku Energia, the company has focused even more on high-quality customer service and the development of the electricity market, reflecting its effort to be the most helpful electricity partner in Finland.

Through all these stages and changes, Hehku Energia has demonstrated its ability to adapt, learn and grow in the electricity sector. The company's history speaks of courage and renewal, which is reflected in its operations and services today.

Hehku consumer experiences

Previous versions of Hehku Energia, such as GNP Energy, have received both positive and negative reviews. In Trustpilot reviews, GNP Energy received 2.3 stars out of 5, which is a fairly typical reading for electricity companies. It is important to note that the company's background is in order and that it operates legally as an electricity seller. In addition, the company has increased its number of customers and invested in its customer service​​​​

Customer reviews online can vary and do not always give a complete picture of the company's service. Hehku Energia has experienced changes and reforms, which may affect the customers' experiences. 

Hehku app

Hehku doesn't yet have its own application, but general applications and devices that improve energy efficiency, such as smart plugs, work with Hehku's cheap electricity contract.

Monitoring the hourly price of exchange electricity is easy through Fingrid's free Hourly price mobile application. This application allows you to stay up to date with the hourly electricity price. 

Hehku also offers solar panels

Hehku Energia offers solar panel solutions for single-family houses as a turnkey delivery, which means that customers receive a complete service from mapping to installation. 

From Hehku, you get everything you need to install a solar panel system, including:

  • Solar panels
  • Inverters
  • Tracking app
  • Installation of the fastening system. 

In addition, Hehku offers commissioning training, assists in permit matters and informs the grid company for a connection permit​​.

Hehku's solar panel packages are affordable and they reduce the electricity bill by providing clean renewable energy. The price of the system depends on the dimensioning and the panel model, with the average price being around 4,800–13,000 euros installed.​​​​ 

The installation is safe and of high quality, and Hehku grants a long warranty for its work. In addition, they offer options for solar panel optimizers for shaded roofs and the possibility to connect an electric car charging station to the same installation​​​​. 

Customers can take advantage of the household deduction for solar panel installation costs, which makes the investment even more profitable​​. The delivery includes a monitoring application that allows customers to monitor the production of their solar power plant​​.

Summary of Hehku

Hehku Energia, formerly GNP Energy, is a smaller but growing electricity sales company in Finland, which has a large Nordic electricity group behind it. 

The company offers a versatile selection of competitively priced electricity contracts. Customer reviews have been mixed, but the company has tried to improve its operations and customer service. 

Although Hehku Energia has faced challenges in its history, it seems to be committed to offering reliable service and competitive prices to its customers.

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