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Väre has quickly become one of Finland's leading electricity companies by offering competitive electricity contracts, renewable electricity and comprehensive energy solutions.

The company stands out on the market with its innovative services, which serve both private households and companies. In this review, we delve into Väre's electricity contracts, their competitiveness and various additional services.
Updated: 29.12.2023

Väre electricity contract

Fixed-term Välkky

Väre's fixed-term contract solution that offers a competitive price for a certain period of time.
Best suited for: Customers who want stability in the price of electricity for a fixed period of time.

Ongoing Välkky

Competitive contract valid for the time being.

Best suited for: Customers who value flexibility and want to take advantage of market prices.

Väre spot price contract

The price of electricity follows market changes.

Price: According to the market price + 0.72 c/kWh margin.
Best suited for: Customers who actively follow the market and take advantage of price fluctuations.

Monthly electricity

Fixed monthly price based on the selected consumption level.

Best suited for: Consumers who value predictability and ease.

Indefinite Välkky-windpower

A contract that is valid for the time being, the price of which you can influence. Energy produced by domestic wind power

Best suited for: Customers who value flexibility and renewable energy

Does Väre offer the cheapest contracts on the market?

Väre tarjoaa edullisia sähkösopimuksia, joiden hinnat heijastavat markkinoiden muutuvuutta ja asiakkaan käyttötarpeita. Esimerkiksi heidän toistaiseksi voimassa oleva ”Jatkuva Valkky-sähkö” tarjoaa joustavuutta, kun taas ”Määräaikainen Valkky-sähkö” tarjoaa vakautta määräajaksi. Helppoa ja halpaa!

Väre's pricing shows an effort to be competitive, by offering different contract models that match the customer's consumption and value profile.

The most affordable electricity contract on the market can be found in our comprehensive comparison, where, in addition to Väre, all other major energy companies are included. 

Is Väre trustworthy?

Yes it is. Väre's reliability as an electricity company can be assessed based on its customer feedback, the versatility of its services and its market position. The company's reputation and customer experience fully reflect its reliability.

What is Väppi?

Väppi is a mobile application, which allows customers to track and control electricity consumption.

  •  The application can be used to receive notifications if consumption or the market price of electricity deviates from usual. 
  • Väppi gives tips on energy saving 
  • Optimize power transmission. 

The application can be used both on mobile devices (App Store and Google Play) and in a browser. Registration takes place on Väpi's website or via the application.

What is Väre's valuable additional benefit "Avainturva"?

Väre offers its customers Avainturva insurance, which is a free additional benefit in connection with the electricity contract. This insurance covers expenses caused by the loss of keys up to 500 euros (without deductible!). Key security can cover, for example, the costs of opening a door, acquiring new keys or serializing locks. 

The insurance is valid in apartments where customers have a valid Väreen electricity sales contract. 

The insurance also covers the car keys, if the customer has a valid Väreen electricity sales contract for their apartment! 

Väre's history

Founded in 2018, Väre Oy is currently Finland's fourth largest electricity supplier. The company was created when Kuopio Energia, Savon Voima, Lappeenrantan Energia and Jyväskylän Energia merged into one major electricity company

Väre is known for its comprehensive energy services, such as electricity sales, solar energy solutions and electric car charging services. 

Väre is a major player in the field of solar power plants with its efficient plants. 

Although the company's result has been loss-making, it is actively growing, for example by expanding its customer base with Ilmatar Energy's electricity contract customers in 2023.

Termination of Väre's electricity contract

Väre enables the termination of the electricity contract easily. A contract valid for the time being can be terminated with two weeks' notice.

A fixed-term contract can be terminated after the end of the contract period. You can terminate the contract without signing a new contract by contacting customer service. 

When moving the current contract can be transferred to a new address. Termination and contract transfer are best done through Väre's online service or customer service. More information can be found on Väre's electricity contract termination page.

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