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Reliable electricity companies guarantee that you have affordable electricity for all your needs regardless of the season.

In Finland, the supply of electricity companies is very broad, and the consumer has the opportunity to decide for her/himself where to buy her electricity, so it pays to compare electricity companies

The most reliable electricity companies



A global energy giant supported by the Finnish state, whose electricity production is stable and versatile
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Hehku Energia

2023 GNP Energy Finland Oy changed to Hehku Energia, symbolizing a new era and a return to its Finnish roots


A modern and fast-growing Finnish electricity company
Nordic Green Energy

Nordic Green Energy

A Norwegian company offering renewable energy all over Finland

Find a reliable electricity company ⎼ Take these things into account

What is a reliable electricity company like? In Finland, there are several good options for electricity companies, so finding the the best electricity contract among them can at first seem like a time-consuming task.

That's why we have put together the things to take into account, which are worth thinking about, so that you can compare the best options for you from all the offers. Find reliable electricity companies like this:

Most trusted electricity companies - Reliability of electricity production

During the summer of 2022, there has been news about the bankruptcies of electricity companies all over Europe. And we in Finland haven't escaped this news either, because electricity companies in Finland are subject to the same turmoil as their European partners.

YLE's news article about the bankruptcy of Lumo Energia

That's why it's worth first checking how long different electricity companies have been operating in Finland, and how stable their electricity production and supply has been during their existence. 

If the electricity company has had problems with the supply in the past, you should think about whether it is likely that the disturbances will continue in the future? If previous problems have been fixed, how has it been done? You can also get to know the experiences of users of different electricity companies by reading reviews online. We offer a quick overview of Finland's largest electricity companies and their customers' experiences further down on this page. 

Find out your monthly and annual electricity consumption

When you are looking for reliable electricity companies in Finland, one of the most important things to take into account is of course your own consumption. If you can't find a clear meter at home, where you can see your consumption both monthly and annually, you can find out by looking at your electricity bills or by contacting your current electricity company directly. You want the cheapest electricity price, and you don't pay for nothing.

It is also important that you understand what type of energy your home uses: Does everything run purely on electricity, or is there also, for example, natural gas? When you have a clear picture of how much your own electricity consumption, it is easier for you to compare electricity contracts from different providers.

Think about what type of energy you want to use

Today, almost everything runs on electricity. While the form, purposes and efficiency of electrical devices are developing, new ways of generating electricity are also being created on the side.

Consumers can afford to choose an electricity company that matches their own values. So think about what features you value the most when choosing an electricity company. Here are a few points to consider: 

  • If you are careful about money, you can choose electricity companies that offer fixed-rate or affordable electricity contracts with a flexible contract period for the comparison list. 
  • On the other hand, if you are worried about climate change, you can make it easier for yourself by choosing an electricity company that provides electricity to your home using partially or completely renewable energy sources. 
  • If everything else is unimportant in itself, but the most important thing for you is that things are managed efficiently and effectively, it is worth comparing electricity companies in Finland that are known for their customer orientation.

Compare domestic electricity companies

When you've found out which type of reliable electricity company meets your needs and values, it's time to compare them. By comparing, you ensure that you find the best provider for you among the electricity companies in terms of both costs and services.

On the Sähkö site, you can easily compare different providers and choose the option that suits you best. Once you have chosen a suitable electricity contract, you can go directly to the electricity company's website and send a request for a quote.

The best domestic electricity companies 2024

Electricity companies' competition for customers is now particularly fierce, because unlike in many other European countries, in Finland the consumer can choose his/her own electricity company. However, this requires vigilance from the consumer himself, so make sure that you choose the electricity contract that suits you best, so that you stay in the middle of everything and win.

We can help you find the really reliable electricity companies in Finland, and in this way ensure that your electricity bill stays on track. On this page, you can compare different electricity companies and choose the most cost-effective option.

If you are also interested in, for example, environmental friendliness or locality when choosing an electricity company, next we offer a quick overview of the best electricity companies in 2024 and their characteristics in Finland.  


The Fortum electricity contract is familiar to many Finns, as the company is one of Finland's oldest and most stable electricity companies. This versatile electricity company founded in Finland offers electricity production in many different forms for both companies and households. One of Fortum's strengths is that it is a state-owned company, which guarantees that Fortum will provide stable electricity in the future as well, as its operations are supported in bad times. 

In addition to Finland, Fortum has also expanded its operations to other Nordic countries and the Baltics. All in all, the company has operations in up to 10 different countries around the world. However, Fortum does not only produce electricity, the scale of its business has expanded at the same time as the company's operations have become international. Today, Fortum is a major factor in, for example, the development of recycling and waste solutions. In Finland, however, Fortum mainly supplies electricity and heat to consumers and companies. 

Specifically for consumers, Fortum offers a wide range of services, which include, in addition to energy deliveries, various innovative services related to monitoring energy use. Especially in these uncertain times, many people are interested in Fortum's "Smart home" service, which enables easy and efficient monitoring of one's own energy consumption. With the help of the data provided by the service, it is easy for the consumer to reduce the use of electricity where it is not needed as before. In this case, the consumer saves both money and the environment.

Speaking of the environment, customers who have shared Fortum experiences online have also highlighted Fortum's position as a leading clean energy company. Fortum is known as an innovative electricity company that constantly strives to develop new ways to produce energy more cleanly, as well as reduce carbon dioxide emissions. For example, smart systems and, of course, renewable energy sources play an essential part in all of this. 

Find out more about Fortum.

Nordic Green Energy 

Nordic Green Energy is an electricity company from Norway. It is part of the huge Troms Kraft group, founded in 1898, which specializes in electricity produced by water and wind power in Norway. However, Nordic Green Energy's experiences can start to accumulate in Finland even today, as it is one of the largest players in the Finnish and Swedish markets. 

The Nordic Green Energy electricity contract is especially suitable for those consumers who are interested in radically reducing their own carbon footprint. Hydro and wind power have proven their ability to produce energy stably, because even if there is no wind one day, today's systems can capture energy and use it when the need arises. Although it is not a Finnish company, as a Nordic company it is as reliable an electricity company as the local operators. 

The company has more than 70,000 customers in Finland, and the electricity it distributes in Finland corresponds to the electricity consumption of more than 667,000 apartment buildings (2000 kWh). The number of customers of Nordic Green Energy, known as an environmentally friendly company, has also been increased by the fact that the company is known as a customer-oriented electricity company. A high level of customer experience is important to the company, because there is also an understanding of the power of push radio in the field of marketing. 

In general, this guarantees customers a high-quality service offering and stable electricity contracts. Nordic Green Energy's electricity production and operations in general have not encountered any disruptions, so it is a reliable electricity company on the Finnish market. 

Find out more about Nordic Green Energy.


Oomi Energia is one of the newest entrants to the Finnish energy market (founded in 2020). Despite this, it has quickly become one of the largest electricity companies in the country, which already has more than 400,000 customers. The company's background includes a wide range of long-term players in the energy sector, such as Vantaan Energia, Lahti Energia, Pori Energia, Oulun Seudun Sähkö and Oulun Sähkönmyynti Oy. 

The Oomi electricity contract is suitable both for basic consumers and specifically for those looking for environmentally friendly electricity all over Finland. For example, the company says that it assists its customers in purchasing and installing solar panels. In addition, Oomi offers electricity contracts where electricity is produced entirely with solar, hydro and wind power.

If an electricity contract based entirely on renewables is not to your liking, Oomi also offers combination contracts that can also include, for example, electricity produced by nuclear power.

Customer orientation can be seen in the reviews of customers who have shared Oomi experiences. The high quality of services is at the center of this electricity company's operations, as it invests in a high-quality customer experience and offering competitive prices. 

Find out more about Oomi.

Lumme Energia

The Lumme Energia electricity contract is an interesting option for those who are looking for electricity produced by solar panels, or are considering installing their own solar panels. In 2017, Etelä-Savo Energia and Suur-Savo Sähkö merged, creating Lumme Energia. This Finnish company invests in the high quality of customer experiences, and when reading Lumme Energia's experiences online, there were no mentions of problems with electricity production or deliveries. So, in general, it is a reliable electricity company.  

Find out more about Lumme Energia.

KSS Energia

The KSS Energia electricity contract is an excellent option for those living in the Kouvola region, but despite its strong local presence, the company also supplies electricity all over Finland. For a long time, KSS Energia has largely been responsible for the overall maintenance and electricity production of the Kouvola region's electricity network, and the company also offers natural gas and district heating solutions. This reliable electricity company offers different types of electricity contracts, from which the customer can choose, for example, according to the price or the methods of electricity production. 

Find out more about KSS Energia.


Helen is one of Finland's best-known electricity companies. Helen's electricity contracts cover a wide variety of different types of contracts, which include, in addition to general electricity, temporary electricity and seasonal electricity, electricity contracts specializing in renewable energy sources, for example. Helen produces environmentally friendly electricity, especially using solar and wind power. The company also offers its customers solar panels, and it supplies electricity all over Finland. 

Find out more about Helen.


Vattenfall Oy is a pan-European energy company that originally originated in Sweden. In Finland, the Vattenfall electricity contract is available to everyone, except for those living in Åland. However, it is not the best option for those looking for an environmentally friendly electricity supplier, as the electricity supplied by Vattenfall is mainly produced in nuclear power plants or from fossil energy sources.

Recently, however, the company has also started investing in renewable energy sources, so its development is worth keeping an eye on. At the same time, they also monitor the possible use of wasted energy for mining cryptocurrencies.

Find out more about Vattenfall.


Väre Oy was founded in 2019, but despite its young age, it already has more than 250,000 customers. The company's stable foundation consists of four energy companies, which include, for example, Kuopion Energia Oy and Jyväskylän Energia Oy. Positive Väre experiences can be found on online discussion forums, and many of them mention the functionality and reliability of the company's electricity supplies. Väre's electricity production is mainly based on district heating, as well as gas and water business. 

Find out more about Väre.

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