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Fortum Takuu 24 months

Cheapest fixed-price contract.

The cheapest electricity contract in Oulu

Are you from from Oulu and looking for the cheapest electricity contract? You came to the right place.

From us, you can find the cheapest electricity contracts in Oulu for single people, couples, families, and entrepreneurs. The cheapest fixed-price, fixed-term electricity contract to Oulu is currently Fortum Takuu. Then you can easily lock in the same monthly price for two years, and you don't have to think about what time of day or day you use electricity. Fortum Tarkka is your choice when you want to regulate your electricity consumption according to the spot market price.

Fortum is a domestic and reliable electricity company, which have provided electricity to the people of Oulu for 25 years. Fortum also has an excellent business electricity contract in Oulu.

The electricity contract is worth comparison, because the price of electricity is now high. In the best case, you can save hundreds of euros a year by tendering.


Fortum Tarkka

Cheapest spot price contract.

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