Find the best electricity contract in Loviisa


Fortum Takuu 24 months

Cheapest fixed-price contract.

The cheapest electricity contract in Loviisa

Loviisa as your hometown and looking for the cheapest electricity contract?

Electricity is not cheap in Loviisa either, due to the energy crisis, but the cheapest electricity contracts are currently offered by Fortum.

Do you feel like you always want to pay the same amount for electricity use, regardless of the market price? In that case, choose a fixed electricity contract Fortum's Takuu 24 months. Then you will pay the same amount every month for two years and you will be protected from price fluctuations of stock exchange electricity. If, on the other hand, you want to optimize your use of electricity according to the stock exchange price and you believe that the price of electricity will soon experience a downward trend, choose Fortum spot price contract in Loviisa. Then you don't have to commit to a longer contract.


Fortum Tarkka

Cheapest spot price contract.

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