Find the best electricity contract in Hanko


Fortum Takuu 24 months

Cheapest fixed-price contract.

The cheapest electricity contract in Hanko

Even the Finnish Riviera has not escaped the energy crisis, and unfortunately there is not enough sun to have solar panels as a year-round solution.

Whether you live in Täktom, Brejdablick (note! our reporter lived here for a week at an elementary school camp, great memories!) or in the center of Hanko, you should compare electricity prices. With us, you can find the cheapest electricity contracts in Hanko.

At the moment, the cheapest electricity contract in Hanko can be found at Fortum, from a stable and listed domestic energy company. Fortum 24-month Takuu is for you who want to pay the same price for the use of electricity every month. For two years, you have the same fixed price every month.

If you believe that the world situation will calm down and electricity is getting cheaper, and you don't want to commit to a fixed term contract, Fortum spot price contract is the best choice in Hanko at the moment. Then you should monitor the price of electricity and consume it accordingly.


Fortum Tarkka

Cheapest spot price contract.

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