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Fortum Takuu 24 months

Cheapest fixed-price contract.

The cheapest electricity contract in Espoo

Electricity contract for Espoo? You will find the cheapest electricity in Espoo with us, regardless of whether you live in a villa in Haukilahti, a student flat in Otnäs, a rowhouse in Mankans or a three-room apartment in Mattby

At the moment, the cheapest electricity company in Espoo is the familiar and safe domestic Fortum.

The time-bound Fortum Takuu is the best electricity contract in Espoo when you want to pay the same price every month for two years, and you don't have the desire or time to optimize your electricity use according to the electricity price on the electricity exchange or the time of day.

Choose Fortum spot price contract in Espoo if you can follow the price of electricity and adjust your consumption accordingly. A Fortum spot contract is also good if you don't want to commit for a long time.

The price of electricity is increasing. That's why it's worth keeping an eye on Sähkö - comparing is always worth i . Please also try our electricity calculator, to find the best electricity contract just for you!


Fortum Tarkka

Cheapest spot price contract.

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