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The electricity comparison helps you understand what the market has to offer and find an electricity contract that exactly meets your needs and budget.
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Updated: 11.11.2023

Electricity contract comparison

Comparing electricity prices between different companies can save you significant money and ensure that you get the best possible offer.

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Choosing an electricity contract from the comparison

When looking for an electricity contract, it's important to understand the different types of contracts. Mainly, contracts are divided into fixed-term and open-ended contracts. A fixed-term contract is for a fixed price and duration, while a contract valid for the time being is more flexible, but the price may vary depending on the market situation.

Understanding the pricing

The total price of your electricity bill consists of the basic fee, energy fee, electricity transfer price and taxes. The basic fee is a fixed monthly fee, while the energy fee is based on your consumption. Some electricity companies also offer fixed price contracts where you pay a certain amount regardless of how much electricity you use.

Importance of electricity comparison

Making a price comparison is important, because electricity prices can vary considerably between different companies. In addition, different companies can offer different benefits, such as the use of renewable energy or bonus programs. Our comparison aims to help you always find the cheapest electricity contract at the moment.

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