The Best Electricity Contract

The best electricity contract is determined by many factors, such as personal needs, consumption, and type of living.
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The Best Electricity Contract

For many, the best electricity contract is currently the Fortum Tarkka spot price contract at a price of 0.45 cents / kWh + Spot.

The best offers a reasonable price, flexibility, reliability, and possibly other additional features such as environmental friendliness or good customer service.

The best electricity contracts compared

Contract type
Fortum Tarkka
No expiration. Spot price contract
Contract type
The contract following the stock market price.
With correctly timed consumption habits, you can significantly influence the electricity price you pay.
When the market price of electricity is high, you have to actively monitor the price of electricity and cut down on the use of electrical appliances.
Oomi Kiinteä
24 month fixed-term
Contract type
24 month fixed term.
The price of electricity is always the same regardless of the time of day, throughout the contract period.
The most popular contract type among Finns.
Termination of the contract is possible mainly when moving to a new place.
Fortum Duo
24 fixed term hybrid
Contract type
24 month fixed term.
A good option for owners of an electric car or hot water heater, if you can schedule the use of electricity at night.
Termination of the contract is possible mainly when moving to a new place.
Market prices change quickly, so the price of electricity must still be monitored closely.

A good electricity contract includes the following:

  • Competitive price: The price of electricity is one of the most important factors in choosing an electricity contract. A competitive price means that the price of electricity is reasonable compared to other contracts on the market. You can't influence the transfer price of electricity, but you can, and that's why we recommend that you keep an eye on our site for the best electricity offers behind.
  • Flexibility: A good electricity contract offers flexibility according to the customer's needs. The length of the contract, the possibility to change the type of contract or change the monthly payments can be important features. A short contract period can be a good option if you want to be as flexible as possible with your electricity contract. A fixed-price contract gives a clear picture of future costs, while a variable price can be a good choice if you assume the price of electricity to count.
  • Customer service: The best electricity contract also includes good customer service. This means that customers get fast and friendly service if they have any questions or problems with their electricity supply. Currently, no electricity company offers 24/7 customer service. In general, customer support is only available during office hours on weekdays.
  • Promotional offers: In some situations, promotional offers can be a good option, but you should also remember to look at long-term prices.
  • Environmentally friendly: An environmentally friendly electricity contract can be important for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint. Such an agreement may include, for example, renewable energy or other environmentally friendly options.

The best electricity contract is individual and depends on the customer's needs and preferences. It is important to make a careful comparison between the different electricity companies and choose the contract that best meets your needs.

The best electricity contract for a student

The best electricity contract for a student depends a lot on personal spending habits and the way you live. However, here are some general tips that can help a student find the best electricity contract:

  • Get to know the contracts offered by different electricity companies and compare prices. Most electricity companies offer different contracts, so it's important to find one that suits your needs. When searching for a contract, you can use the electricity calculator to help you.
  • Find out if the housing company has its own electricity contract. In this case, you can agree that the electricity bill is included in the rent.
  • If you live in a private apartment, you should pay attention to electricity consumption. Monitor how much electricity you use and try to find a suitable contract based on that. For example, if you use a lot of electricity for heating, you should look for a contract that includes a fixed monthly price. A good example of this is the Fortum S, which is a great choice for those living in a small apartment.
  • Duration of the contract: The student should consider whether he wants to commit to a longer-term contract or whether he wants a more flexible solution. It actually depends on how long you think your studies will take and you live in the same apartment. Flexibility can often be important in a student's situation, so a short-term contract can be a better option.
  • The pricing models of electricity contracts vary, so it is worthwhile to compare the offers of different electricity companies. Students should also look at possible student discounts or other offers. Currently, Nordic Green Energy offers a student discount, which is worth taking advantage of. It is also good to take into account that recently those living alone and those living in a small apartment have not received electricity support.
  • Students should evaluate their own electricity consumption and choose a contract accordingly. A student's consumption is usually lower than, for example, a family's, so the contract may be different.
  • The student's place of residence affects the price of electricity, as the electricity transfer price can vary by region. The student should check what kind of transmission prices the different electricity companies offer in his place of residence. Even though you usually cannot or do not want to change your place of residence easily, there can be a significant difference in electricity transmission prices in different locations.
  • The student should check how easy it is to terminate the contract. Electricity contracts with a specified notice period, termination of the contract may incur additional costs. The student should choose a contract that is easy to terminate if he needs to terminate the contract, for example at the end of his studies.
  • If you want to reduce your electricity bill, check out these saving tips. We know that every euro usually counts for a student. Also, remember to compete the contract regularly. There is a lot of variation in the electricity market and new offers are constantly appearing, so by tendering the contract you can find a cheaper alternative.

The best electricity contract for an apartment building

Several factors influence the choice of an electricity contract for an apartment building, such as the size of the apartment, the heating system, the number of residents and consumption habits. In apartment buildings, electricity consumption can usually be lower than, for example, in single-family houses, because heating, lighting and household appliances are often shared. When living in an apartment building, it is generally recommended to choose a fixed-price electricity contract, as it gives a clear picture of the size of the electricity bill each month.

In a fixed-price contract, the price of electricity does not change during the contract period, even if market prices fluctuate. This helps keep the electricity bill in the budget predictable. On the other hand, stock exchange electricity, where the price of electricity is determined according to the market price, can also be a good option in an apartment building if the Housing Company has a flexible electricity consumption system in use, which enables electricity consumption to be shifted to more favorable times. 

In an apartment building, it may also be possible to choose a joint electricity contract, where the housing company negotiates the contract together with the electricity supplier. A joint electricity contract can be a more affordable option, because the housing association can get better prices with a larger amount of electricity purchased.

The best electricity contract for a studio apartment

The best electricity contract for a studio apartment is Fortum S or a stock exchange electricity contract from Oom or Fortum, depending on which is the cheapest at the moment. If your consumption is low, we recommend a stock exchange electricity contract where you pay according to your consumption in addition to the electricity transfer price.

The best electricity contract for a detached house

Some things that should be taken into account in the electricity contract for a single-family house are:

  • Consumption: The higher electricity consumption of a detached house should be taken into account when choosing a contract. Exchange electricity can be cheaper if prices and consumption are monitored regularly. A fixed-price contract can be a safer option if you want to know exactly the monthly expenses.
  • Origin of electricity: If the residents of a single-family house want to use renewable energy, you should choose an electricity company or contract that offers renewable energy. Many electricity companies currently offer a renewable energy option.
  • Contract type: A fixed-price contract guarantees price stability, while exchange electricity is suitable for those who want to actively monitor prices and easily change the contract if they wish. Some contracts may also have special offers, such as discounts or other benefits.
  • Length of the contract period: A long contract period can mean permanent price stability, but in this case it can be difficult to change the contract if consumption or circumstances change. A short contract period, on the other hand, enables flexible changes to the contract, but may lead to more frequent price changes.
  • Night and day electricity: Night and day electricity is especially suitable for those who use a lot of electricity at night, such as heat pumps or heating systems. In this case, nighttime electricity is usually cheaper.
  • Additional services: Some contracts include additional services, such as electricity usage monitoring or customer service. Such services should be considered if they are useful.
  • Solar panels: Solar panels are not connected to electricity contracts, but with their help you can significantly reduce your electricity bill in a detached house. We recommend finding out the cost of solar panels for your detached house.
  • Air source heat pumps: An air source heat pump helps reduce heating costs and make the indoor air more pleasant - whether you want more heat or cooling.


Where to get the best electricity contract?

Many things affect the cost of electricity. For example, rising gas and oil prices have also affected the price of electricity. General economic growth and inflation are also major reasons for higher prices. The best electricity contract can be found by comparing. This is easiest to do online.

On the sähkö website, you can find a comprehensive information bank on electricity contracts, electricity prices, electricity companies, and the best electricity offers. It is important to compare the contracts offered by different electricity suppliers and choose a contract that suits your needs and budget.

Changing your electricity contract is easy on our website, so you should feel free to familiarize yourself with the different options and make a choice based on which contract feels best for you.

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